We're going green

From June 2018 we’ll be emptying green bins every three weeks instead of every fortnight. Collection of your recyclable waste, including your brown bin, won’t change – this will still be every fortnight.

We’re consistently among the top local authorities in Scotland for recycling, but we’ve ambitious recycling targets to hit and we must send less to landfill. Recent household waste audits have shown that around 50% of the average bin contents could have been recycled, but instead ended up in landfill.

In 2016/17 we spent £1.8 million on landfill tax. If we recycle more, it’s better for the environment – and we’ll save money. Making this change to three-weekly green bin collections will save us £100,000 each year in operating costs alone and, if less waste goes to landfill, we’ll be taxed less too.

So now’s the time to have a real push on recycling smarter. We’ll be doing lots of promotion in the run up to the change in June, but in the meantime check out our website to see what can be recycled in which bin.

We’ll have updated bin collection calendars available online from 1 May and the change to three-weekly collections will come into effect in June.

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