Bright Ideas 2018

Bright Ideas!                                                 Inspire

Our staff suggestion scheme, Bright Ideas, closed for suggestions on 31 August and since then we have been considering each suggestion, sharing a sample of them at our Employee Conferences and hearing from you about what you think.

The outcome of all suggestions will be finalised by Fri 2nd November and all of the suggestions will be published soon after.

Activity Deadline
Launch of Bright Ideas Wed 1st August            
Deadline for submissions Fri 31st August              
Liaise with service managers and provide initial response Fri 14th September       
Refer variety of suggestions to the workforce

Mon 17th until Fri 28th September


Display suggestions at the Employee Conferences

Fri 14th September

Wed 19th September

Tues 25th September

Finalise outcomes with CMT Fri 19th October
Respond to and publish Bright Ideas Fri 2nd November


For now though, here’s a sneak preview of some of the suggestions we have received so far:

Make the holiday buy back scheme mandatory for all employees, to generate savings on staffing costs

Stop the purchase of clothing which is not required as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for example clothing worn in Leisure/Active Schools

Restrict the use of the staff car park, make it free for staff who need to use their own car for work purposes and charge everyone else £1 a day.

Introduce a timetable system, to our fleet of buses to save on fuel costs and maximise passenger numbers.

Reduce the number of weeks our festive lights are switched on for, to save on energy costs.

Condense working patterns so that the council closes at Friday lunch time generating savings on energy and improving morale.

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