Mentoring Young Talent

The council is supporting a new programme called Mentoring Young Talent to help young people boost their confidence, skills and qualifications.

Mentors are sought from within the council in Buckie and Elgin High School areas who can offer insights into their working days and provide support for an hour a week.

Each young person is matched with an individual mentor as an impartial adult to talk to and build a positive relationship with. In previous programmes the young mentees have seen their confidence and self-esteem increase, and there are personal and professional benefits for the mentor too.

The chief executive and team managers have agreed to support any staff member who wish to take this opportunity. Where possible, staff will be able to use this as a personal development opportunity and provide mentoring support during normal working hours.    Full training and support will be provided.

If you would like to find out more please contact Christine Fairburn by email at  or telephone: 07817 955581.  Thereafter, authority would be required from your line manager to progress this further.

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