3 Weekly green bin collections

The majority of us working for Moray Council also live here, so you’ll know about the upcoming changes to green bin collections, which were agreed by councillors in February’s budget meeting.

Every household in the area will receive one hard copy of their new collection calendar in advance of the changes in June, but they are available now to download from our website.

As well as saving £100,000 a year in annual operating costs, the potential for landfill tax savings with three-weekly collections are significant.“Right now more than 50 per cent of the contents of green bins in Moray is recyclable, but instead ends up in landfill,” says Stephen Cooper, our Head of Direct Services.

“We estimate that each year at least 4,400 tonnes of garden and food waste ends up in landfill because it’s put in the green bin. If this was put in the brown bin, we’d save almost £400,000 in landfill tax.

“Also, if we recycle all of our glass, cans and plastic (PET1 & HDPE2), paper, cardboard and food waste, almost one third of each green bin would still be empty - even after three weeks.”

The change will be phased in during June and, by the end of the month, all households will have a fortnightly recycling collection and three-weekly green bin collection.

We’ve made sure that recommended minimum and maximum waste and recycling volumes per household, as set out in the Scottish Government-backed household recycling charter, will continue to be met.

Please ensure you pay attention to your calendar for collections, particularly during June.

“We’re asking a small number of households to put their bins out more regularly in June while we implement the new schedule. This is a very short-term measure while the changeover takes place, and all households affected will have these dates detailed on their calendar.

“It’s important that all residents follow the collections as set out in these calendars as we won’t return for missed bins unless there has been a service fault or failure.”

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