ELC expansion in Moray

ELC Expansion
The Scottish Government has tasked local authorities with delivering 1140 hours of funded early learning and childcare for three and four years olds, and eligible twos, by 2020.  This is a huge leap for Moray, increasing from the current 600 hours in just a couple of years.

The requirement for flexibility in delivering this service is also full of challenges for our current nurseries and capacities – thankfully we have fantastic partner providers who are also stepping up to offer parents the increased hours. 

Where there are capacity issues we’re looking to move our local authority nurseries away from the traditional term-time and AM/PM session time offerings to year-round services with the option of 8am-6pm time slots.  Whilst this is only where the is a demand for it, there are a number of nursery refurbishments and new builds required for us to provide the increased hours – this substantial piece of work has tight timescales but will equip our nurseries to be modern, innovative settings where quality ELC can be delivered.

You may have heard about the phasing in of the increased hours with some postcode areas eligible to begin receiving 1140 hours from August 2018.  This is in-line with the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation and is a temporary measure until all eligible children become entitled to these hours from 2020.  This was deemed the most sustainable way of ensuring those children who will benefit more from the increased hours received the option first.

Information Session for Staff
You can find out more about the expansion as a whole as well as the way Moray is introducing the increased hours; how the refurbs and new builds will affect you and your department and put any questions to the ELC team at the corporate staff information session on Wednesday 26th September between 2pm-3pm in HQ Committee Room.

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