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We’ll be launching myaccount to Moray residents in early 2017. But, we’d like you to enjoy a sneak preview of the service. myaccount aims to provide an easier and more convenient way to manage council accounts and services. With the majority of our staff residing in Moray, this means you too can register. Help us make sure that myaccount is seamless and stress-free for our residents.

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What is myaccount?

myaccount is your online customer account. A Scottish government initiative, it’s a free and voluntary service that is a completely secure and easy way to access and use council services online

Bulky uplift and road faults will be the first two services we’ll offer with many more to follow as they're released over the coming months. Future services will include ‘check your points and position’ on the housing list or view your rent balance online. Check your myaccount ‘Services’ to see when more have been added.

Why should you register?

Registering with myaccount will allow you to pay, report, apply, book, track and review your council services. It’s simple, secure and accessible 24/7 and all you need is an email address to get started. The registration process takes a couple of minutes and benefits include:

  • a single sign-on for all services;
  • quick and easy contact – no need to call or visit us;
  • automatic population of forms with your details;
  • save forms to complete later;
  • visibility of all your online requests, transactions and contact; and
  • avoid re-registration if moving elsewhere in Scotland.

What does myaccount mean for Moray Council?

Firstly, we’re responding to our residents’ needs by providing:

Transparency: Visibility of personal accounts and services at a glance using the myaccount dashboard.
Flexibility and convenience: Access to online services and the ability to make transactions at a time that suits. myaccount is available 24/7. Plus, autopopulating forms will save time. No more repeatedly entering personal information, it will all be stored on the system.
Self-service: There’s no need to visit, call or post forms back to us. Everything can be completed, documented and managed online.
Choice: We’re giving our residents an additional way to interact with us.

By encouraging people to use myaccount and increasing the number of people who manage their services online we are actively reducing council costs. Providing online options for managing council accounts results in reduced administration processes and costs across services. For instance, residents calling the Contact Centre or making a service request in person costs us up to 50 times more than online requests. That’s just one significant and immediate saving.

Another great benefit is a reduction in processing time. Forms submitted using myaccount will immediately be directed to the service provider.  Time spent internally transferring information or documents from one business area to another is reduced or eliminated.

If you’re a Moray resident, why not register and let us know what you think? myaccount is your service and we want to make sure that it works for you.

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