Winter Driving

Adverse Weather

Are you hoping for a mild snowless winter or lots of the soft white powdery stuff? Whatever you wish for, a bad spell can affect service delivery and our ability to provide the same level of customer care, especially when we find it difficult to get to work.

When you are unable to travel to work due to adverse weather you must:
• Notify your manager as soon as possible
• Consider other reasonable ways of getting into work without putting yourself at risk
• Make alternative working arrangements e.g. attend another place of work or homeworking

After notifying your manager and taking into consideration alternative work and travel arrangements and if it’s still not possible to carry out any work they have the discretion to allow you to take a maximum of one day per calendar year due to adverse weather.

Remind yourself of the Adverse Weather guidelines and be prepared.  And use our gritting map to keep you moving as the winter weather is set to continue. 

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