National Work/Life Week

It’s Work Life Week, and to mark this our cover feature for Connect puts under the spotlight our flexible working opportunities, as we speak with colleagues who are making work, well, work for them.

Work and life. How do we get the balance right between the two? At times it feels impossible, but it’s not to be underestimated.

Work/life balance isn’t just a meaningless corporate term that HR throw around. It’s a really significant part of our culture, and a power of work has gone into making sure colleagues have the opportunity to embrace it.

And we’re making progress with this, in fact we were finalists in last year’s ‘family friendly working Scotland awards’, in the ‘Best Public Sector Employer’ category.

We were recognised for our forward-thinking policies which are part of our day-to-day working. Think flexitime; working from home, or ‘mobile’ working; compressed, annualised or staggered hours; job-sharing; holiday buyback; and phased retirement. These are hugely beneficial features that attract many to seek employment with the council.

“Flexible working has been shown to improve the working lives of staff,” says Acting Head of HR and ICT, Frances Garrow.

“Reduced absence, increased morale and productivity are all well-established benefits, and it helps us retain skilled and valued staff.

“What we can’t forget though, is that the running of the service can’t be disrupted or adversely impacted by flexible working. We need to make sure services can operate whilst offering as much flexibility to our colleagues as possible.”

Read the full feature in Connect:

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