Customer Service Redesign

An important priority of ours – as set out in our corporate plan - is to have a financially stable council. To help us achieve this, we’re improving and modernising services to save the council money.

We’re already working on identifying some savings to build into our short-term financial planning, but we need to continue to look ahead at a programme of more transformational projects which have medium to long-term money-saving potential.

One of these projects is a Customer Service Redesign and during this we’ll be working iESE, a not-for-profit social enterprise which has worked extensively with councils in England.

They’ll be on-site from 17 September, and their work will involve looking for opportunities for ways we can offer services differently by:

  • working with us to understand the level and nature of demand coming into services, as this could assist in realising capacity/efficiencies in some service areas;
  • providing an objective view of the financial opportunities and the work that would be required to release savings.

iESE have developed a tool which allows them to transform services from a customer’s perspective. It’s used to review processes, take out parts which don’t add value and challenge what’s required from a service’s perspective.

Scope of Project
Environmental services: selected due to volume and value of business.

Children’s services: selected due to size of business and opportunities from services not currently in contact centre.

Leisure and library services: selected for volume and variety of contacts and for interplay with digital services.

First Stage (Diagnostic)
The first stage is called ‘initial diagnostic work’ which will identify opportunities for change - and the potential scale of these. It will take place over a 4-week period from 17 September and, after that, proposals will be developed around the opportunities identified.

This will be undertaken with an expectation that if the opportunities that iESE have identified are taken forward, staff would be developed as ‘change champions’ to ensure the skills are embedded in the council.

Info for Staff
iESE will be present in the contact centre for periods of time during the diagnostic and will monitor calls and associated work. Staff will be able to continue to work normally during these periods.

It’s likely that there will also be interviews/workshops with a small number of staff and those involved will be contacted directly.

Information on iESE
iESE has been selected due to their not for profit status, experience in working with local government in England and in particular because of the inclusive and enabling approach that builds skills within the council for future change work. Their approach will focus on co-design and co-development with Moray Council as a partner. Design expertise and tools are brought to the project and the approach used ensures that internal capability and capacity are developed to maintain rigour and challenge moving forward. 

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