Budget 2018 – Bridging the Gap

It will not have escaped your notice we’ve been discussing the council’s budget proposals with everyone. In addition to the formal workforce consultation process, we’ve used our social media, an online survey, email and hard copy returns to attract comment and debate from the public and employees who have also commented on the wider public consultation.  It’s been gratifying to see much more involvement from you in this debate than before.

Although carried out over a short period, we had over 800 surveys completed, 1200 comments on social media and 150 emails submitted. This excludes those sent by employees via their line manager or workforce representatives.

All the responses are being collated and made available to elected councillors, who will be setting the council’s budget for the 2018/19 financial year on February 14. That’s when they decide what proposals from their draft document are to be implemented.  

Following those decisions many of us are going to be affected to some degree. This could mean more work or increased responsibility as staff numbers reduce, a change in working environment, changes to teams some of us have been used to, reduced hours and in some cases redundancy. Losing colleagues in this way is distressing, and unfortunately signs are that the reductions will continue for the foreseeable future.

So please be aware that those around you might need a bit of extra understanding and support at this time.

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