Festive Recycling 2018

Christmas – what a waste! No, not the celebrations, but all the rubbish that goes with it! There’s the leftover food, whatever’s not made it into the turkey curry on Boxing Day, or the turkey risotto the day after! From vegetable peelings to plate scrapings and reindeer-chewed carrots – it can all be recycled and the best thing? It’s so easy! 

And it’s not just food waste that we’re hoping to see you recycle more of this festive period – here’s a quick guide to what can be recycled in which bin:

  • Drinks cans and food tins
  • Plastic bottles and trays marked PET1 or HDPE2 – give them a little rinse first!
  • Shampoo and shower gel bottles, shaving foam tins and aerosols – we know you’ll be getting glammed up so any empties can be recycled
  • Wrapping paper – not the foil type though!
  • Christmas cards and gift tags
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Card and paper gift bags
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Packaging from kids’ toys – remember to remove any plastic first!
  • Food, glorious food! All your leftovers, plate scrapings, turkey bones, coffee grinds and out-of-date food
  • Your ‘real’ Christmas tree, if it fits. If not, leave it out beside your brown bin on collection day and we’ll do the rest
  • Glass bottles - there will be many a festive tipple across Moray!
  • Glass jars
  • No broken glass please!
  • Everything that can’t be recycled!

If you fill up your bins before collection day, you can take excess waste to our recycling centres and points across Moray – find these and check out Christmas opening hours on our website

Merry Christmas!

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