Cycle2Work Scheme Closing Soon

Last chance to join the scheme before the scheme closes on Friday 22nd June!!

The scheme is open until Friday 22nd June giving you chance to choose your bicycle and safety accessories and make savings from tax benefits.

What to do:                                                                                                                                                  

  1. Have a look at the bicycles and safety accessories available at either the Halfords store, Elgin or online at
  2. Decide how much you need to spend.
  3. Complete the Halfords Hire Agreement by logging on to
  4. ‘Sign’ an electronic version and then payroll and HR will be alerted that you have applied.
  5. After processing the Hire Agreement it will be countersigned by Human Resources and you will receive a letter of collection via email.
  6. Once you receive your letter of collection go to Halfords (or the store you have chosen) and place your order.

The Halfords website has a list of the shops they work with, which includes local ones; if you can’t see the shop you wish to get bike from, let Halfords know and they will approach the shop and find out if they want to join the scheme.

If you can’t access the scheme online, or have any questions, call Halfords on 03455 046444.

Please note: Before you sign up to a Hire Agreement you must read the information available on the Halfords website and the terms and conditions of the Hire Agreement thoroughly as this is a contractual document that is binding. The FAQ section of the website is also useful for answering questions and providing good advice – or you can click here to access FAQS

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