What's in a Unit?

Be drink aware this festive season

Pop along to our Winter Warmers in the Annex and HQ breakout areas next week for  information from the NHS and HWL and sample some flavourful non-alcohol alternatives for the festive season.

Locations: Annexe and HQ Breakout Areas
Date: Monday 11 December
Time:   12.30pm – 2pm

Did you know that one unit is 10ml or 8g of pure alcohol? Alcoholic drinks come in different strengths and sizes, units are a way to tell how strong your drink is.  

It takes an average adult one hour to process one unit of alcohol. Just one drink will put you over the legal limit, so this Christmas consider your options before you go out:
• Arrange a designated driver
• Take public transport
• Stick to zero alcohol beer or mocktails

These are the units that are in some of our favourite drinks:
A vodka and cola with a single measure = 1 unit
A pint of cider = 2.6 units
A pint of lager = 2.3 units
A gin and tonic with a single measure = 0.9 units
A small glass of wine (125ml) = 1.4 units
A single dram of whisky = 1 unit
A glass of prosecco (125ml) = 1.5 units  

Find out how many units you consumed on your last night out.

Take part in our quiz and find out if you can remember the number of units in your favourite drinks. 

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