Cyber Scams - Vishing

Police Scotland has issued warnings about ‘vishing’ scams that have seen bank accounts cleaned out and people’s savings obliterated.

Instances of this sophisticated fraud are the fastest growing area of crime in the UK, netting criminals many millions. And it’s not just the elderly and vulnerable that are at risk; those behind the scams are extremely convincing, have expert knowledge of banking systems and software, as well as the computer expertise to remotely control and view their victim’s home PC.

To help us all recognise a vishing attempt and combat this scourge, an informative guide has been provided by the police. It details how the scammers gain the confidence of their victims, how they even convince them to lie to their bank about the dodgy money transfers they’re making.

The guide gives harrowing examples of how two victims have been duped into transferring hundreds of thousands to criminals. Police say much of the cash goes to fund organised crime operations.

Chief Superintendent John McKenzie said: “This guide highlights the most current and popular cyber scams committed in Scotland where often those most vulnerable are victims to malicious criminal activity.
“The world is changing and with the ever increasing use of technology, the individual needs to be increasingly aware of the latest scams and frauds committed in both the online ‘virtual’ world as those committed in the more traditional ‘real’ world.”

There’s a booklet available to help with all other aspects of cyber-crime. Called ‘The Little Book of Cyber Scams,’ it can be downloaded here

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