This Year’s Love a poem by Duncan Brown

Budding poet, and driver for our Public Transport Unit, Duncan Brown has shared a poem he penned as a thanks to his colleagues.

This Year’s Love was written by Duncan to show his gratitude to colleagues who have helped him settle into his new job, and new life, in Moray.

Duncan is passionate about poetry, owns 80 poetry books, and is currently reading the works of Elginborn poet, Andrew Young.

“I’ve been writing poetry for more than 20 years; I started writing seriously again at the start of this year and I’m considering entering a competition.

“The reason behind the poem is to thank my colleagues for the support through the year. It makes work much more enjoyable, and you can connect with colleagues
better when you all get on – it makes the job easier.

“I’ve had some ups and downs over the last few years and I’ve found it a struggle to settle, though I finally feel I’m managing it now. The people who have supported me have also inspired me, and I now want to inspire them.”

Duncan, who previously worked for North Yorkshire County Council, saw the PTU driver vacancy and, after changes in his personal circumstances, decided to make the move north to Moray. Having been here for just over a year now, he doesn’t regret the move and is enjoying getting to know folk

“What I like about my colleagues is they show an interest. Even if they don’t like poetry, they’re asking how it’s going,and that’s important to me.”

This Year’s Love

It is my anniversary
One I share with you
A bond I could only dream about
Until I found a love so true

Picture postcard memories
What a year it has been
Made special by the many people I’ve met
And all the places that I’ve seen

It’s been a great start to an amazing story
I hope that there’s many more chapters to come
As who would have thought with all your
That a poet again I would become

I have at last found a healthy rhythm
I’m having a wonderful time
With the support of inspiring colleagues
Who give me a reason to rhyme
As in the last year I’ve met my guardian angel
And many others I’ve taken to heart
So let us cherish many more years together
And let nothing cause us to part

So thank you for your support
It is much appreciated
Along with all your kindness
And the friendship we have created

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