Adoption Week Scotland

Start Date: 20/11/2017

End Date: 25/11/2017

We need to talk about adoption

During Adoption Week Scotland, we want to encourage people to talk about adoption. Though it can be difficult for those involved, it offers a positive destination for children waiting to find their place of permanence. A family home, where the child feels secure and loved can make all the difference to their future.

Adoption is a very complex experience. It does not begin and end with any legal process, but is a lifelong experience for children and parents. It is a process that involves many different people and different perspectives.

Enquiries to the council can be made through the our website or by email

Here are some useful links to external agencies:

Adoption and Fostering Alliance
Adoption UK
Barnardo’s Family Placement Service
Scottish Adoption
St Andrew’s Children’s Society
St  Margaret’s Children and Family Care Society

Take part in our quiz and bust some myths about adoption. 

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