New car booking system

The current method of booking pool vehicles (Microsoft Outlook) will end on Sunday 05th January 2020.

For cars and vans required from Monday 06th January 2020 the booking method will be via a web application, the new Pool Car Booking System will also allow amendments to bookings and accept external vehicle hire requests. To enable a transition between the two booking systems, all current pool vehicle calendars will be closed to new bookings on the 05th January 2020 and the new web application for pool car bookings is now live.

Before you can use the system you will need to complete a ‘Pool Car Consent Form’ on the Employee Portal. The form can be found under ‘Forms’ and instruction can be found under ‘Web Links’.

Education users (usually have in the email address)

If you do not have access to the Employee Portal contact ICT and provide them with your employee payroll number and a valid council email address. If you do not have a valid council email address you will need to get a car pool consent form raised by your admin team.

Once completed, the form will be automatically submitted to your line manager for authorisation. Fleet services will then upload your details to the booking system and you will receive an email confirming that you have been authorised.  Once you have received confirmation that you are authorised please use the below link to access the new Pool Car Booking System.


Please remember that although the new system is live and will accept bookings, PLEASE ONLY USE THE NEW SYSTEM TO BOOK POOL CARS THAT ARE REQUIRED FROM MONDAY 06th January 2020 ONWARDS and continue to use Outlook for cars that are required up to and including the 05th January 2020.

  • Cars required up to and including 05th January 2020 – Microsoft Outlook
  • Cars required from 06th January 2020 onwards – New Pool Car Booking System


A user guide can be accessed below

Pool car portal user guide

Please be aware that the new Pool Car Booking System will allow charging for bookings, this will be on an hourly or part thereof basis and will be charged direct to the user department. The current hourly rate will be charged at £3.00 per hour.

Should you have any queries regarding the application form or the pool car booking system please contact Fleet Services on 01343 557 317.

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