Long Service Awards

On Thursday 1 June we got the chance to celebrate our long-serving employees at Elgin Town Hall.

It's always interesting to see who else is receiving awards and great that we can recognise these milestones together.

Congratulations to everyone who received 20, 30 and 40 year long-service awards and thank you for your dedication to public service. We look forward to celebrating more longevity later in the year.

Speaking following the ceremony our Chief Executive, Roddy Burns, said: “The Long Service Award is one of my most valued roles and I am always grateful to be able to acknowledge my staff for all their hard work. The staff are our biggest asset and deserve to be recognised as such. So thank you to all recipients for their dedication over the years and I look forward to continuing to celebrate your achievements.”.

The full list of recipients is below - not everyone was able to make it along but we hope you enjoy some photos of those who could.

20 Years:

  • Diana Addison
  • Kirsten Clark
  • Kerry Cunningham
  • Julie Heywood
  • Lynne Ingram
  • Gillian Jones
  • Gary Leslie
  • Angus Mackinnon
  • Anne Mclarnon
  • James Mellis
  • Nicola Milne
  • Karen Nealer
  • Robin Paterson
  • David Stagg
  • Karla Stephen
  • Carole Whyte
  • Morag Black
  • Clare Brownlie
  • Robert Carter
  • Donna Ettles
  • Jennifer Ewen
  • Fiona Greene
  • Evelyn Innes
  • Victoria Kendrick
  • Julie Laing
  • Lesley Lythgoe
  • Theresa  Macmillan
  • Heather Mahlitz
  • Louise Mair
  • Kerrie Martin
  • Anne Priestley
  • Olive Scotson
  • Charles Smith
  • Edward Souter
  • Fiona Spendlow
  • Janette Stone
  • Donna Thom
  • Barbara Younie

30 Years:

  • Jane Mackie
  • Hilda Moir
  • Susan Paton
  • Douglas Caldwell
  • Fiona Dunbar
  • Joan Costen
  • Lorraine Todd
  • Stuart Burnett
  • Patricia Richford
  • Desmond Johnston

40 Years:

  • James Grant
  • Linda Innes
  • Marion Stronach
  • Fiona Sturgeon

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