Mental Health Awareness

This is a one-day course designed to dispel some myths and promote constructive and respectful discussion about mental health and mental distress. By so doing it works to reduce stigma and encourage supportive responses to people experiencing mental distress or illness.

Who should attend?

Everyone can benefit from this course, especially customer facing staff and managers.

2019 dates

26 February
9.30am - 4pm
Training room in HQ Annexe
29 May
9.30am - 4pm
Training room in HQ Annexe
15 August
9.30am - 4pm
Training room in HQ Annexe
30 October
9.30am - 4pm
Training room in HQ Annexe


Please note we may need to postpone this course should there be insufficient numbers to make it viable.

How to book this course (PDF)

What will it cover?

By the end of the session you should be able to:

  • Explain and use the Mental Health Continuum model
  • Distinguish between Mental Health, Mental illness and wellbeing
  • Broadly describe and distinguish the major categories of mental illness
  • Recognise some diagnostic categories and terminology
  • Offer information about prevalence or incidence of more common categories of mental illness
  • Describe approaches to wellness and recovery
  • Explain and challenge stigma associated with mental distress and illness
  • Respond more respectfully and constructively to experience of mental distress or illness in yourself, colleagues or clients
  • Broadly describe local services and supports

Further courses to consider

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