Corporate Induction

This course is provided now mainly through an eLearning programme, however there are 2 sessions a year for those employees that do not have access to a PC.

2019 Dates: 

27 June 2019

3 December 2019

To book onto the Induction session please email Employee Development, as this will not be available to book through CLIVE

The e-learning module is accessed by logging into CLIVE. 

For more information on CLIVE, click here.

Launch CLIVE

What will it cover?

On completion of the session you will be able to:

  1. Describe the services and functions of Moray Council (MC)
  2. Describe MC structure, including management structure
  3. Describe committee structure and decision making process
  4. Describe main purposes of:
    1. Employee Code of Conduct
    2. Employee Review & Development Process
  5. Refer to other important policies
  6. Describe the importance of good customer care
  7. Refer to Corporate Complaints Procedure
  8. Describe how to minimise energy (electricity, etc) consumption and expenditure
  9. Describe arrangements for ensuring health, safety, welfare and energy saving in the workplace, including their own responsibilities

View induction checklist (PDF)

E-Learning modules for all new employees to complete on learnPro (CLIVE)

Essentials: Moray: Building Personal Resilience
Essentials: Moray: Complaints Handling SPSO
Essentials: Moray: Equality and Diversity Awareness
Essentials: Moray: Information Governance
Essentials: Moray: Preventing Radicalisation

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