Useful Documents

For all employees

Employee Charter (PDF): Outlines our values to make sure we work in partnership with each other to deliver services effectively.

Positive Steps to Tackle Workplace Problems (PDF): Highlights the various options available for tackling unacceptable behaviour, detailing what support is available and the routes available for both formal and informal action.

Working Together for a Positive Workplace (Word): Provides a clear picture of what we mean by a positive workforce culture and helps us to act consistently across services.

UNISON Mood Manual (PDF): An introduction to some basic mindfulness techniques.

For managers

Workforce Culture Monitoring Guide (Word): Supports and guides managers in analysing departmental reports effectively, allowing them to identify potential cultural issues and take action at the earliest stage.

Workforce Culture Toolkit (PDF): This toolkit will provide managers with the tools to develop a strategy on how to tackle and improve the culture within their workplace, from the initial data gather right through to the delivery of an action plan. It is not prescriptive, but instead provides managers with a framework which is flexible enough to use and adapt within their place of work.

Induction Checklist (Word): This standardised checklist is for all new employees joining the Council, it incorporates the mandatory processes as well as some of the softer cultural elements with scope for service specific tasks to be added.

Investigation Best Practice Guide (Word): A best practice guide used to support managers in undertaking investigations, ensuring that all information is gathered clearly and fairly and that balanced conclusions can be reached.

Standard manager job descriptors (Excel): Provides standard manager responsibilities for job descriptors to support joining up the expectation of managers across services. (Also available: How to Guide (Word))

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