Working Group

The Workforce Culture working group is made up of councillors, officers and trade union representatives. Together they produce and implement a workplan to create a positive workforce culture where morale is good, people are proud to work for the Council and would recommend it to others.

To help achieve this, the group has set eight outcomes:

  1. All employees and councillors are aware of the standards of behaviour required
  2. Positive behaviour is demonstrated from the top of the organisation
  3. There is an environment of mutual respect across all services and levels
  4. Employees are listened to and believe they are being heard and that action will be taken
  5. There is trust between employees, managers, trade unions and councillors
  6. Reduced bullying and harassment and more positive working environment
  7. Workloads are  manageable. No employee faces undue pressure because of an unreasonable workload
  8. Managers are enabled and encouraged to manage workforce positively

The group reports back to councillors on a regular basis with updates on how the action plan is progressing, and how the outcomes are being measured.

Members of the Group

Councillor Sonya Warren
Councillor John Divers
Councillor Claire Feaver
Suzanne Wright (Unison)
Susan Slater (EIS)
Roddy Burns (Chief Executive)
Denise Whitworth (Corporate Director (Corporate Services))
Frances Garrow (Acting Joint Head of Human Resources and ICT)

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