Pool Bikes

A system is now in place for booking pool bikes, which are located within the bike shelter in the HQ annexe car park.

The booking system can be added to your Outlook calendar in the same way as the system for booking pool cars. The easiest way is to go to 'Calendar Groups' and click on the dropdown menu to select 'Create New Calendar Group'. In the window, type 'Pool Bikes' and populate it by going to the address book and sure you select 'Global Address List', in the search  bar alongside enter 'HQA'. That will call up the list of bikes, all with the HQA prefix.

Select all 10 bikes and click on 'Group Members' to add them before clicking 'OK'. They should then appear in your new calendar.

There are different sized bikes; two are for ladies and the others are unisex. They can be booked out just as with the pool cars and the keys to the bike shelter can be collected from facilities staff in the annexe. Each cycle has a combination lock, the number to which is on the key tag.

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