Emergency Radio

Each pool car or vehicle is fitted with an emergency radio. This is mounted on the centre console and is features a tracker and radio function.

This is only to be used in an emergency so that we can communicate with you and locate you if you have broken down in a remote location or have been involved in an accident.

If you do activate the emergency radio by mistake, it will sound out a series of beeps periodically, which will trigger our emergency response protocol. We will attempt to make contact with you through the radio and it is vital that you respond to let us know you are ok.  If we receive no response we will phone any contact number we have for you and/or your line manager to confirm you require no assistance.

If you can't work out how to use the emergency radio after accidently pressing the emergency button, please call 01343 557333 (when it's safe to do so) and we can help you. It's a good idea to save this number in your phone in case you don't have signal to view this page when you're out and about!

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