Book a Pool Car

Before you can book a pool car, you need to set up your Outlook calendar with the list of pool cars specific to your location.

How to set up your Outlook calendar (PDF)

The display name in Outlook’s Global Address List (GAL) is structured to give you an idea of the properties of the vehicle, for example:

KRC (location Keith Resource Centre; Corsa (vehicle model is a Corsa); 5 seat (vehicle has seating for a maximum of 5 people); SY11 ZBJ (registration plate).

Step-by-step guide to booking a pool car (PDF)

You can download the above guide to your laptop of device for future reference.

Receiving Confirmation

Your request will be automatically checked against the pool cars availability and you will receive a response to inform you of your request status.

Your booking will automatically be approved if the vehicle is available and you are authorised to book the vehicle. This means that only people allocated to a particular pool can book a vehicle from it.

IMPORTANT: Please read your confirmation carefully. It includes information on where to collect your car, and drop it off.

Your responsibilities

If no cars are available

If you find that no vehicles are available for your required time, you’re still encouraged to complete the booking process. This will return a failure email, which will have a link to an eform. Complete this eform as the information you provide is saved and will support your mileage claim for the use of your own vehicle, should a pool car be unavailable.

Cancelling a pool car booking

When you make your booking, this ‘meeting’ is automatically saved in your Outlook calendar. You can cancel this booking by:

  1. Opening your calendar and finding the appointment.
  2. Right-click and select the ‘Delete’ option. This will open a message which will be sent to the vehicle calendar.
  3. Click ‘Send Cancellation’ at the left.

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