Pool Laptops

Annexe Laptops

There are 30 laptops allocated to the Annexe. These are stored in a charging facility in Print Room 2. Laptops are issued at the facilities desk and must be signed out and in. On return, the laptops will be returned to the trolley to make sure they are charged properly for the next user.

The allocation of the laptops is:

Meeting rooms - 8
Training - 10
Home-working - 6
General use within the building - 24

Home-working laptops

We have self-service lockers with pool laptops to check out, available for those with a workstyle classified as 'flexible' and who have been given a dongle. 

Instructions on how to operate the key cabinets are available on the cabinets themselves or you can read them here. The instructions on the key safe operation are also available to read here.

The self-service lockers are located in HQ room 149 and in the Annexe in Print Room 2.

Please remember that laptops must be returned within 72 hours of the start of the loan to ensure equitable access. 

If you have any questions about this facility please contact the ICT Servicedesk.


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