HQ Campus


You can view a map of staff, visitor and delivery entrances (PDF). To avoid congestion, staff are requested not to use the reception entrance.

Proximity cards are required to access HQ campus buildings. If you require one, but do not have one, you can request it through this form (PDF).

All visitors that require access beyond the reception area will be issued a visitors badge at reception. This badge will not have swipe access, so visitors must be accompanied within the building.

You should use the Visitor Notification eform to give reception staff advance notice of the person(s) expected, contact details of the service person nominated to collect the visitor(s) and whether there is a requirement to issue a security pass card.

A security pass card, providing swipe access, will only be issued to visitors who expect to be in the building for more than one day. It is the responsibility of the service person requesting visitor access to make sure all cards are returned at the end of the visit.


Opening hours and late working

Staff entrances are open from 7am - 18.15pm, Monday to Friday. After this time all staff in the ‘old’ HQ must exit via the side door to the councillor’s car park. Core hours remain 8am - 6pm.

You are reminded to sign the in/out book which can be found inside the HQ side door (by Fortreath Close/Muckle Cross side) if you are working late in HQ (Core hours remain 8am - 6pm). This is a FIRE & SECURITY requirement, (it will also avoid you being locked in when the cleaners leave!)

“Staff are reminded that if you are working late in HQ or Rose Cottage you MUST sign the in/out log book after 18:30pm.  Rose cottage log book is located at the reception area in Rose Cottage; HQ log book is at HQ side door (by Forteath Close/Muckle Cross side).  This is a fire and security requirement.”

Please remember to close the windows before leaving the building.

Flexi spreadsheet guidance (PDF)



All deliveries to the campus will be accepted at the Annexe only. No goods will be accepted in HQ.

When ordering goods please inform the supplier that deliveries will be accepted at the Annexe delivery yard at the back of the building (PDF). There is a call button and CCTV linked to the facilities desk, where they can see the delivery and accept the goods.

Deliveries address: The Moray Council, Council Offices, 10 High Street, Elgin, IV30 1BX.

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