STAR Awards 2023

Nominations for 2023 are now closed!

Thank you to all those who contributed to the Star Awards 2023. Judging is complete and we are pleased to announce our winners below:  

The 2023 Awards list:  




Chief Executive Award for Excellence


Libraries, Learning Centre & Heritage Team
 The award was in recognition of the team’s engagement and collaborative working through a period of significant service transformation. The team demonstrated commitment, innovation and excellence in customer service.


Chief Executive Award for Excellence

(Runner Up)

Cala Residential Care
Naomi Clark
Karen James
Nicole Steel
 Received the awards for being positive role models and providing high standards of performance which supported their discretionary effort resulted in better outcomes for the young people within Cala Residential Care.  
 Chief Executive Special Appreciation Award
 Children's Access Team
Laura Brown
Amy Dougall
Claire Band
Mary Kearny
Amy Forsyth
Laura Walker
Tracy Hughes
 They received this award for demonstrating Team spirit and support to a colleague who was experiencing exceptionally difficult personal circumstances.  This support made a significant difference to their colleague. This was done whilst also continuing to support the children of Moray in their role as the Children’s Access Team.
 Letter of Thanks 
 Climate Change
Rod Lovie
George Gunn
Sophie Ward
 The Climate Team are committed and positive role models in delivery to the Council’s Climate Change Strategy and Route map executing excellence in the day job.  
 Gillian Tubbs -West End Primary
 Gillian is a committed member of staff and a positive role model recognised for doing a good job in supporting the ASN pupils at West End Primary
 Heather Laing -Social Work Admin Team
 Heather is a proactive and effective role model. Her foresight and hard work allows her to manage situations to ensure a professional service is delivered. 
 Claire Main -Justice Services
 Claire demonstrated resilience during personal adversity and maintained excellence in the day job ensuring a client focussed approach was delivered.  


HR Admin Team

Jean Duncan

Martyna Wolanska

Sally Coull

Dianne Collie

Jessica Henderson

Trish McInerney

Emma Chilton

Kirsti Breen

Lois Dunlop

 The HR Admin Team are recognised for delivering an excellent job whilst working under extreme pressure. Their ability to work effectively as a team has ensured the delivery of their responsibilities. 
 Claire Smith – Housing Needs Team
 Claire is recognised for her commitment, the support she extends to the team and for being a positive role model.


The Ladies in The Nest Karen Lawson

Rosalyn Warne

Hilary Joyner

Heather Coull

Susan Sweeney

Morag Watson

Carol Simpson

 The Nest Staff have demonstrated commitment to their roles and demonstrated a job well done.  They have shown team work and resilience during a school inspection and introduced a new garden area for pupils which provides a fun and safe space for pupils at the school.
 Karen Duthie – Money Advice Moray
 Impact of Karen’s work has significantly improved outcomes for service users. This new piece of work has been delivered efficiently and effectively by a relatively new member of staff who displayed professionalism and sensitivity to the needs of her customers. 

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