Election Office

The Election Office is responsible for the administration and delivery of national and local elections, by-elections and referendums in the Moray area and constituency on behalf of the Returning Officer. The Returning Officer (Corporate Director of Corporate Services) is responsible for the running of an election and for ensuring that it is run in accordance with the law.

The Election office administer candidate nominations, polling places, recruitment of temporary elections staff, candidate nominations, postal votes issue and verification, ballot papers and the count for all local and national polls.

We also handle periodic reviews of electoral boundaries, the Moray Scheme for Community Councils, Community Council elections, Information and Consultation of Employees Ballots, Community Buy-out Ballots, Cairngorm National Park Elections and Crofting Board Elections.

On behalf of the Local Authority, Grampian Valuation Joint Board (GVJB) administers the Electoral Register (also known as electoral roll) which is a record of everyone who lives in Moray who registered and eligible to vote.

Council staff and members of the public work for the Elections Office during elections at polling stations and during the count. Register to work with us during future elections by applying to the Elections Office.

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Contacts List

Alison Davidson
Election Officer
01343 563 459

Moira Patrick
Democratic Services Manager, Depute Returning Officer
01343 563 016

Public Elections Helpline
01343 563 334

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