In this section, you'll find information about deadlines for outgoing mail, guidance for organising outgoing mail and which locations are serviced by internal mail. Simple steps that you take will help our mailroom staff deliver a quicker and more efficient service. 


HQ: Please make sure your internal/incoming mail is collected between 10.30am and noon. Outgoing internal and external mail can be deposited throughout the day, but by 3pm at the latest to go out the same day (earlier is appreciated!). 

Recorded and special delivery: These are taken to the Post Office at 3.30pm and should be brought to the mailroom by 3pm.
DX Mail: To be received by the mailroom by 3pm.
Bulk mailings: Please give our staff plenty of notice for bulk mailings requiring to be franked. These should be brought to the mailroom in the morning.

Other locations: We offer an internal mail system to many of our offices across Moray. Please see our internal mail locations page for collection and drop off days and deadlines. All outgoing mail is brought to the corporate mailroom for sorting, before being redistributed.

Sorting your outgoing mail

  • Red first class and green second class mail tickets should be attached, properly coded. First class tickets also need authorised. Unticketed mail may be opened and returned to sections for coding.
  • Letters should have the addresses facing the same way and envelopes sorted into the following groups: letter; large letter; packet; internal; air mail
  • Mail to one address: staff responsible for their sections mail should make sure that if there's more than one letter for the same person, they're put into the same envelope to save on postage costs
  • Parcels should be securely wrapped

Positioning of address for different sized envelopes (PDF)

Help us save money

First class mail should only be used for really urgent items.

When the first class mail price increased in March, stamped items increased by 2p, but franked items increased by 4p. While it's still cheaper using franked mail rather than stamps, we need to reduce the use of first class provision as much as possible.

If services can produce their mail in time to use second class, this will be a saving for the organisation. Also, please consider the use of the mail delivery van, and email, where possible.

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