Procedure for use of our internal mail van

As the name suggests, it is a mail van and is not intended to be used to transport furniture or other bulky and heavy items. Smaller items may be accommodated but
sections should ensure that their own staff load and unload items. It is not appropriate to send cash or other valuable items in the mail van, whether work related or personal.

Security and Insurance

The mail van should not be used to transport cash or any other valuables between offices. The driver is frequently in and out of the van and although the van is locked
the driver will not be held responsible for missing cash or other items. The council’s insurance does not cover any loss less than £500.

The mail van should not be used to send valuable items such as digital recording devices or data storage pens. Apart from their value there is also the risk of
confidential data being lost.

Weight restrictions

Due to type and design of the mail van, a risk assessment concluded that no item in excess of 13kg should be manually loaded or unloaded into or out off the vehicle, by a lone person. If items weighing over 13kg are left in the mailroom, sections will be asked to return and split these into more manageable packages. Boxes of A4 paper are quite heavy and every effort should be made to ensure that Lyreco deliver to each location. If there is no alternative, mail van staff will take a maximum of 2 per day. It would be appreciated if the driver could get some assistance with these at their destination.

At times there are numerous boxes of booklets and pamphlets that get delivered to schools and it would also be appreciated if some assistance could be provided to
empty the van at their destination.

Queries and information

Any queries or requests for more information should in the first instance be directed to the mailroom on 01343 563306.

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