Building Operations

All properties have their own Building Operations Procedures, which contain all the necessary information about the building and what actions are required to protect the staff and the premises from harm.

It includes information regarding various testing procedures, certifications, Health and Safety and security information.

Each service within any building is responsible for ensuring their staff are aware of the specific operations within that building ie fire evacuation, alarm protocols for interview rooms etc.

Building Log Book

Each building has a log book which should be situated alongside the Operating Procedures manual, asbestos register and legionella register.

The Log Book details:

  1. List of key personnel
  2. List of keyholders
  3. Staff training log
  4. Emergency procedures
  5. Fire risk assessment
  6. Emergency fire action plan
  7. Fire alarm checks
  8. Emergency equipment checks
  9. Record of fire drills
  10. Health and safety inspections
  11. Equipment testing contractors logs
  12. Property maintenance log
  13. Monitoring checklist

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