Staff led bike-ride

Spring is in the air, so now is a good time to start getting out and about. Get on yer bike!

Cycling instead of driving reduces harmful emissions and congestion, and getting exercise is good for one’s mental and physical health.

The Moray Council encourages members of staff to cycle to meetings and site visits wherever possible, and to commute to work sustainably, instead of (individually) using (the pool) vehicles. To facilitate this, the council has eight pool bikes: two e-bikes and six ‘standard’ push bikes. The bikes come with paniers, locks, instructions where needed and helmets.

If you don’t feel confident cycling or need a refresher, join us on one of the organised SKILLS SESSIONS and LED RIDES!

Skills sessions are for people who have not cycled in a while or cannot cycle, and want to improve their cycling skills. We will focus on start/stop, signalling, changing gear, cycling in a group. We will be cycling in Cooper Park only.

The led-rides are for people who feel fairly confident in the ‘technical skill’ of cycling, but who lack confidence cycling in busier places and/or traffic. The led rides will take us to vehicle-free paths (but you can encounter pedestrians, dogs or other cyclists), but we can also organise a traffic-low led-ride on demand.

You can come along to more than one session. All council staff are invited to take part in these sessions, not just those working at HQ or the Annexe.


Dates for the skill sessions and led rides are on Tuesdays:

  • 21 May
  • 18 June

Start is 12.30pm at the bike shelter at the Councillor’s car park at HQ in Elgin.

You can make use of a pool bike, which we have all pre-booked for this occasion.

Therefore, please register your interest, and for more information:

Certified cycling instructors are Will Burnish and Tilia Maas Geesteranus.

First come, first serve.


Please get in touch when neither of the dates work for you, but when you are interested in cycling support.

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