Mental Health and Wellbeing Survey 2022 Results

Following on from last year’s mental health and wellbeing survey, Moray Council undertook an organisation-wide PULSE survey of employees’ mental health & wellbeing. The survey was launched in the summer 2022. The purpose of the survey was to check in with employees and to see how they are feeling now as we continue to recover from the pandemic.   The results from the survey will help us ensure that we continue to focus our efforts in the right direction.

We had a positive response rate of 15%. Thank you to everyone who had taken part in the survey, sharing your views allowed us to obtain a more accurate understanding of how employees feel and are coping.

The results have been analysed and the results are displayed below.

The results have already been reported to Committee and will be shared with managers at all levels to identify if any future actions need to be taken to build on our successes and deliver improvements.

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