Health and Wellbeing Guidance

This section of the guidance is a useful resource for advising staff on where to access support.

Keeping Physically and Mentally Healthy - There is a wealth of information available on the importance of a well-balanced diet, good sleep and exercise to keeping physically and mentally healthy.

General Signposting to a variety of useful information

Self help and handy tips (PDF)

Diet, Sleep, Physical Activity

10 Top Tips for Diet, Sleep and Physical Exercise (Word)

Keeping Connected

10 Top Tips for Keeping Connected and Mentally Healthy (Word)

Wellbeing Guidance – tools and templates

Tools that you may find helpful are:

Wellbeing Plan – this is a tool that you could highlight to all employees as a way of structuring their thoughts, feelings and emotions around the current situation but may be particularly important for you to suggest to those employee that are perhaps struggling to make sense of and cope with the situation they find themselves in.

Wellbeing Plan (PDF)

Going Home Checklist – this is a tool that all employees could benefit from in terms of making the separation between work and non-work time whether physically going home or being at home but making the distinction between work and non- work time, supporting them to “switch off”, be able to have a break and a rest from work and be ready for the next day.

Going Home Check List (PDF)

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