COVID 19 Testing Referral Form


There has been significant change and progress in the developments of Covid 19 Testing in order to support and sustain the delivery of services across our authority and continue to support our ongoing recovery from the pandemic.

The aim of testing is to reduce the spread of the virus and protect our staff and community.

There are various options available to staff in terms of requesting a Covid Test and these are detailed below:


If you or a member of your household are experiencing symptoms then you must discuss the situation with your manager immediately. This will ensure your absence is recorded accurately and any wider council responsibilities for reporting can be maintained.

Following these discussions if your manager has asked you to request a test as you are currently self-isolating due to your own or symptoms of those in your household, a test can be requested as detailed below.

For all staff in the council or their household members, requesting a test should be submitted via the government self-referral process.

Please note that as of 26 February 2021 there is no longer a separate process for Health and Social Care staff and all staff must use the government self-referral process. To ensure you receive a prioritised slot, essential workers should tick the relevant box on the self-referral portal to indicate their status.

Asymptomatic staff can also request a test using this process where they have been advised to do so by the council.

What happens next?

Once you have submitted the form, your information will be passed to NHS Grampian who will contact you by telephone to discuss your symptoms and arrange a test appointment. Only the person displaying symptoms will be tested so this may be a household member and not you.

The test involves a nasal and throat swab called a PCR test. Test results will be text to you or you will receive a telephone call usually within 24 - 48 hours. Please remember that you should self-isolate while awaiting test results. Where you test positive advice and guidance on how to manage your symptoms will be given. You should contact your manager to discuss the outcome of any test results and the advice given. Risk Assessment will be required for anyone returning to work after being exposed to a positive test result.


Asymptomatic testing is currently available in the above service areas and as part of a national rollout programme. Staff working in these areas have been given the opportunity to opt into a bi-weekly self-testing programme. This is a voluntary scheme and we would encourage those given the opportunity to self-test to get involved as this will support us in protecting the workforce and our community. For those of you opting into the programme, you will be required to administer a Lateral Flow Test (LFT) twice a week which is undertaken in the comfort of your own home. The LFT kit is provided with all that you need to complete the test and full instructions are provided for your reference. There is a requirement to record your results in order to monitor the outcome of your tests.

Managers in these service areas will keep staff briefed on the details of the programme and provide support with any questions you may have.

COVID 19 Testing FAQs updated December 2020

COVID 19 Testing Decision Tree updated February 2021

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