Pension information

We operate a contribution-based pension scheme, in accordance with the New Local Government Pension Scheme (Scotland) Regulations 2009.

If you are initially employed for a period of more than three months will automatically become members of the Local Government Pension Scheme as operated by us, unless you elect, in writing, to opt out.

If you are employed on a contract of less then three months and/or on a casual/relief basis, you will not be eligible to join the scheme.

You can visit the North East Scotland Pension Fund website for more information.

Teachers superannuation scheme

You can find out more information about the teachers superannuation scheme on the Scottish Public Pensions Agency website.

Pension surgeries

We hold regular pension surgeries throughout the year; you can find out more on the pension surgeries page.

Certificate of pension protection

If your salary grade is reduced either through the re-deployment process or in some other circumstances arising from a Council decision, you will be provided with a certificate of pension protection. The certificate provides you with limited protection of your benefits – for up to 10 years from the date of reduction.

A certificate cannot be issued where the reduction is temporary or arises after a temporary increase.

How it works?

Provided you leave the Local Government Pension Scheme within 10 years of the reduction in your pay, your benefits will be calculated on a ‘protected final salary’ basis. This is either the best year’s pay in the last five years, or the best consecutive three-year average in the last thirteen years, ending with the anniversary of your date of leaving.

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