Employee Benefits

As an employee of Moray Council, you’re entitled to a range of benefits, which you can read about in this section. Enjoy!

Childcare vouchers

Our childcare voucher scheme with Edenred allows you to take a portion of your salary, tax and NI free, and convert it into childcare vouchers. These can be used as full or part-payment to registered childcare providers.

It’s classified as a ‘salary sacrifice’ scheme, which means that you ‘sacrifice’ up to £55 per week or £243 a month of your salary, in return for childcare vouchers. Given that you don’t pay tax or NI on this portion of your salary, the remaining salary is greater than it would be if you paid your childcare from your net salary. Over the course of the year, this could save you up to £1,196, depending how much tax and NI you’d normally pay.

You can use Edenred’s savings calculator to see how much you’d save using the scheme.

Join the scheme

To join the scheme, visit Edenred’s childcare voucher website, then click the ‘Parent’ tab from the top of the homepage. Select ‘Join now’ and enter our unique scheme ID: MORA8512. You’ll then have to supply your payroll number (you can find this on your payslip) and choose a four digit PIN. Follow the steps then click submit. Important: Bear in mind this is a salary sacrifice agreement, so be sure you want to join before you click submit.

Childcare voucher amounts can also be amended and cancelled through the Edenred childcare website.

Credit Unions

Credit unions are a profit-sharing, democratically run, financial co-operative which offers convenient savings and low interest to its members.

Grampian Credit Union: 223 Holburn Street, Aberdeen.
W: T: 01224 576900

Forres Area Credit Union: 138 High Street, Forres.
W: T: 01309 676735

North East Credit Union: 7 Finnan Place, Aberdeen.
W: T: 01224 899688.

NB: Staff entering into a financial arrangement do so at their own risk. The Moray Council is not responsible for any arrangement entered into.

Cycle to Work

See our dedicated Cycle2Work scheme page.

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