Information Governance

Information Governance refers to the management of all information (in any and all formats - electronic, paper, photographs etc.) that is created, stored and/or used by the Council.  It covers Records Management, Data Protection, Access to Information, as well as, compliance and security.

The Council has a legal obligation to ensure good record keeping practices are universal, as such this site brings together information on these topics to help staff ensure good information and records management compliance.  There is also advice on Data Protection, the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act, the Public Records Scotland Act and other access to information legislation.

The Information Governance Manager & DPO, Alison Morris, has corporate responsibility for Information Governance. She is also the Data Protection Officer (DPO) for the Council and for the Moray Integration Joint Board. Alison is assisted by Vickie Walker, Information Governance Officer. The Information Assurance Group will provide strategic overview of Data Protection and Information Security issues.

For further advice please contact, Teams calls or 07929 784971 (Vickie’s work mobile)

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