Employee Survey - What's in it for me?

You will have already started to hear rumblings about the upcoming Employee Survey, due out on 9 September 2019. This provides you with an opportunity to share your views and tell us how you feel about working for Moray Council. However, some of you may question – why bother? I’m too busy, what’s in it for me?

The last Employee Survey results were taken very seriously and have driven forward a number of changes. For example:

• Focused engagement activity on service areas with lowest survey results and instilling regular team meetings
• Increased visibility of senior managers through Employee Conferences, Service Learning Visits, Managers' Briefings and Back to the Floor Visits
• Elected Members Training programme to increase their knowledge of council services
• Regular communications on the interchange and through 'Connect' magazine to keep employees up-to-date on events, changes and council news
• Currently piloting a workload management tool to help manage work pressures
• Creation of a Workforce Culture toolkit to help managers improve communications and overall culture within their teams.

So if you want to shape the future of our council, drive forward change, improve your workplace and tell us what is good and what we need to improve on, then use your voice and complete the employee survey!


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