Education & Social Care Admin Handbook (A-F)

A - F

Additional Support Needs - Post 16 for Pupils with Records of Needs ASN (PDF)
Admin Procedure Handbook Protocol (PDF)
Admission to Pre-school Education (PDF)
Admission to Schools in Moray - Policies and Procedures (PDF)
Adverse Weather Guidelines for Educational Establishments (PDF)
[Attendance at Work During] Adverse Weather (PDF)
Appointments of Maingrade Teachers and Principal Teachers (PDF)
Assessment Policies for Higher Still (PDF)
Associated School Group (ASG) Policy (PDF)
[Strategy for Supporting Pupil] Attendance and Absence (PDF)

Best Practice when Using an Interpreter (PDF)
Bullying in Schools (PDF)
Bursaries and Grants (PDF)
Byelaws for the Employment of Children (PDF)

Capacity in Primary Schools (PDF)
Care, Welfare and Positive Discipline (PDF)
Career Break Scheme for Teachers and Associated Professionals (PDF)
Case Recording (PDF)
Child Protection - Allegations of Abuse Made Against Professional Staff (PDF)
[School] Child Protection Guidelines (PDF)
Child Protection Practice Guide (PDF)
Citizenship (PDF)
Classes Structuring in Primary Schools (PDF)
Community Learning and Development (PDF)
Consultation and Communication Policy (PDF)
Continuity of Education - Swine Flu Pandemic (PDF)
Copyright in Schools (PDF)

Devolved School Management Scheme (PDF)
Disciplinary Procedure - Teaching Staff and Associated Professionals (PDF)
Dress Code - School Pupils (PDF)
Drug Misuse (PDF)

EAL Service (PDF)
EAL Guidelines for Enrolment of Bilingual Pupils in Primary Schools (PDF)
EAL Guidelines for Enrolment of Bilingual Pupils in Secondary Schools (PDF)
EAL Service Enrolment Guidelines (PDF)
EAL Service Support Guidelines (PDF)
EAL Service Support Guidelines Pre-School (PDF)
Elections - Schools Used as Polling Stations (PDF)
Electronic Transmission of Reports and Report Requests (PDF)
Electronic Transmission of Reports and Requests Protocol (PDF)
Equality Incident Monitoring Guidance (PDF)
Establishment Use - Including Lets (PDF)
Exam Results - SQA Analysis (PDF)
Exclusions from Schools (PDF)
Excursions from Schools - School Trips Within UK (PDF)
Exceptional Entry to Further Education (PDF)
Expressive Arts - Primary School Guidelines (PDF)

Farm Visits (PDF)
Federation Headteacher Policy for Primary Schools (PDF)
Financial Monitoring (PDF)
Flag Protocol (PDF)
Foreign Travel (PDF)
Forward Planning in Primary Schools (PDF)
Freedom of Information Act (PDF)

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