Periodically briefings are released which may apply to specific teams, sections, or council-wide. In this section you'll find the latest briefs released, as well as others from previous years.

2021 Briefings

15 September Return to the workplace for office-based staff

02 June Mental Health and Wellbeing Survey Launch

17 May Appointment of Head of Housing and Property Services

17 March: Pre-Elections Guidance

28 January: Appointment of Chief Officer for Health & Social Care Moray

06 January: Lockdown Guidance

2020 Briefings

22 December: Tier Four Restrictions

10 September: Safe Working Measures

07 September: Acting Head of Housing and Property Services (PDF)

15 July: Return to Work (PDF) - Guidance (PDF)

29 June: Acting Head of Housing and Property Services (PDF)

05 June: What to do if someone at work might have Coronavirus (PDF)

19 May: Head of Housing & Property Services (PDF)

17 March: COVID-19 Staff Update (Word)

11 March: COVID-19 Staff Update (Word) Employee FAQs (PDF)

2019 Briefings

21 November: Head of Service Appointments (PDF)

06 November: Pre Election Guidance (PDF)

26 September: Management Restructure (PDF)

06 September: ‘Your Voice’ -The Moray Council Employee Survey 2019 (PDF)

28 June: Senior Management Restructure (PDF)

28 June: Head of Service: Integrated Children’s Services (ICS) – Appointment (PDF)

21 June: Management Structure (PDF)

15 May: Acting Corporate Director (Education & Social Care) (PDF)

01 March: Budget Update (PDF)

11 February: Budget Update (PDF)

28 January: Early retirement or voluntary redundancy (PDF)

23 January: Council Budget 2019-20 (PDF)

2018 Briefings

18 December: Council Budget 2019-20 (PDF)

03 October: Voluntary Early Retirement / Voluntary Severance (PDF)

27 September: Council Budget (PDF)

14 September: Strategy Talk (PDF)

10 July: Education Appointments (PDF)

02 July: Director Appointed (PDF)

19 June: Director of Education Update (PDF)

13 June: Council Administration Update (PDF)

30 May: Business as Usual Update (PDF)

28 May: Changes to Council Administration (PDF)

10 May: Laurence Findlay, Director of EDSC (PDF)

04 May: Acting Director EDSC (PDF)

2017 Briefings

05 December: Council Budget 2018-19 (PDF)

19 June: Employee Survey (PDF)

2 June: Acting Corporate Director (PDF)

31 May: Employee Survey (PDF)

24 May: Critical Threat Level (PDF)

10 May: Councillor Resignation (PDF)

20 April: HQ Fire Alarm Fault (PDF)

27 March: Head of Financial Services (PDF)

27 March: Security (PDF)

14 February: Budget (PDF)

2016 Briefings

11 February: Council Budget 2016-17 (PDF)

13 January: Administration Group Announcement on Council Tax Increase (PDF)

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