Organisational Development Service

Our Organisational Development service aims to create and support a workforce that is aligned and empowered to deliver our Council’s priorities now and in the future.

Use the menu to explore the teams within this service, including Workforce Policy and Strategy, Employee Development and Social Work Training.

Katrina McGillivray, Organisational Development Manager

Responsible for taking the lead in planning, managing and overseeing the delivery of the Organisational Development service. This includes:

  • Corporate training
  • Social work and social care training
  • Workforce planning and development
  • Workforce policies and strategies
  • Employee engagement and workforce culture

Anne Smith - Senior OD Adviser

Glen Dunn - OD Adviser

Jamie Gordon - OD Adviser

Kayley Kearns - OD Adviser

Karen Baker - OD Officer


Joey Thomson - HR Assistant (Information Management)

Emma Chilton - HR Assistant (OD)

Lois Dunlop, HR Assistant (OD)

Kirsti Breen, HR Assistant (OD)

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