Employee Survey 2019

The Employee ‘Your Voice’ Survey 2019 Results

From September to October 2019 we asked you to use “Your Voice” and tell us how things are for you at work. We had a positive response rate of 30.6%.Thank you to everyone who had taken part in the survey, sharing your views and allowing us to obtain a more accurate understanding of how employees feel.

The Employee Survey is conducted every two years, with questions across a range of different themes to obtain views from you about your experience of working for Moray Council. The results have been analysed and are fundamental in identifying what we do well, and where improvements need to be made to make the Council a great place to work and provide the best services we can for the people of Moray.

There has been a delay in displaying the 2019 Employee survey results, due to the Councils COVID-19 response. Essential resources were focused on the immediate functions within the council which has unfortunately lead to a delay in the publication of these results.

The results will be reported to Committee and discussed with managers at all levels to identify if any future actions need to be taken to build on our successes and deliver improvements.

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