Employee Conference 2022 … it’s a wrap!

Thank you to everyone who joined us at the Employee Conference on 10 November.  It was great to see so many colleagues at the event and getting involved in the discussions.

Our theme of ‘New Horizons- Building Back Better’ focused on how the council will continue on its journey of transformation and the role that we all play in that journey as we look forward to a brighter future.

The conference aimed at helping colleagues gain an understanding of what the Council will achieve through the delivery of the Corporate Plan and LOIP priorities. Colleagues had the chance to consider what the future looks like for the workforce whilst thinking about the emerging financial position and what needs to change to enable the council to build a sustainable council for the future.

We had some lively discussions groups which allowed those attending to share their thoughts on how we build a sustainable council considering where we are now and where we need to be to ‘build back better’.  We also discussed the financial challenges where colleagues had the chance to discuss their views on which services we should invest in and consider where some changes may be required.  These were interesting sessions and good to hear the ideas from those attending.

During the coffee break there was an opportunity to browse round our stands which provided helpful information from some of our own services including the Money Advice Service, Transformation and OD and an opportunity to talk to some of our partners including our Employee Assistant Provider and Occupational Health.

We had the chance to learn about the financial challenges ahead. Finally we finished up by hearing about the council’s economic recovery plans and about the work the Community Support Unit has been delivering and how they make a positive difference in the community.  

It was an action packed morning with lots of helpful information being shared. To find out more about what happened at the conference watch out for our article in next month’s Connect.

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