Branding & Style

A refreshed branding guide (PDF) has been approved by CMT.

The existing branding guide is more than 20 years old and some aspects no longer meet modern requirements. Importantly, CMT wish to see the council’s branding applied more consistently across the authority to ensure the public are more aware of our activities.

The guide details small changes to the council’s thistle logo, a revised logotype dropping ‘the’ from ‘the Moray Council’, and a universal email signature template.

The new branding will be used as soon as practicable from today on all new council material being produced in hard copy and online. There will naturally be a transition period for existing material displaying old branding, particularly where this has a natural lifespan or is costly to replace. This material should, however carry the new branding at renewal date. Signwriting companies have been advised of the change and will use the new branding forthwith on any new commissions. All forms of the new logos are now live.

Staff using email as part of their role can download the email template (Word) from the branding box. Please update your email signature as soon as possible.

Historically, some services have developed a separate logo to the council’s thistle. Services with these are expected to discontinue their use of these in favour of the council’s branding. In any event the council’s branding will take primacy on material, i.e. be carried in the top right hand of a document. School brands/logos/coat of arms, etc  can be placed on the top left hand of any document, with the council’s logo on the opposing side. Examples of this layout are in the guide.

In tandem with this revised branding guide there is a style guide (PDF) to provide some consistency in the production of written material.

The communications section within the chief executive’s office can assist with any queries, requests for new logo files, etc.


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