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Calculate holiday pay?

Employees who earn variable pay including, e.g. overtime, weekend/evening allowance, a revised method of calculation of Holiday Pay is in place. 8.3% will be added to all additional earnings above basic pay and will be paid on a monthly basis, two months in arrears.

This will be noted as "Holiday Pay" on your payslip. Please ensure that no additional allowances are claimed when on annual leave on any timesheet.

More information on holiday pay

Book a homeworking laptop?

Self-service lockers for homeworking laptops

We have lockers with pool laptops available for those with a workstyle classified as 'flexible' and have a dongle. Instructions on how to operate these are available on key cabinets by the self-service lockers in HQ room 149.

If you have any questions about this facility you should contact the ICT Servicedesk.

Find a hot desk in the Annexe?

Hot desks in the Annexe have white backboards. Some are fitted with docking stations for laptops, while others have computer towers attached to the back of monitors.

View map of hot desks (PDF)