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View our branding guidelines, download logos, etc?

View our branding page which includes branding guidelines, our style guide and logos.

Report something that’s broken or faulty (non-ICT)?

If something is broken, damaged or faulty within the HQ campus, this should be reported to facilities using the HQ campus eform below. If it is of an emergency nature call the facilities office on 01343 563992 immediately. For reporting things outwith HQ campus use the other eform below.

Report a fault to facilities within HQ campus  Report a fault to facilities outwith the HQ campus

NB for non-HQ repairs: Problems of an emergency nature (requiring a contractor on site within 4 hours) should be logged by phone to 01343 563700.

Report bullying or harassment?

You should report any incident of unacceptable behaviour. You can do this directly to your line manager, by emailing or by completing this form (Excel). We also offer a counselling service (Time for Talking) which can offer support and is available by phoning 0800 0970 3980 or by visiting

You can make a formal complaint about bullying or harassment using this form (Word).