Moray Integration Joint Board (MIJB)

Simon Bokor-Ingram , Interim Chief Officer (MIJB)

Simon Bokor-Ingram , Interim Chief Officer (MIJB)


Overall Responsibility for services delegated by the NHS and Moray Council to Moray Integration Joint Board (MIJB); Social Care Commissioning, Planning & Policy; Community Hospitals; Children & Families Social Work Services (*); Child Protection Services (*); Looked After Children (*); Children’s Health Services (*); Integrated Adult Health & Social Care Services; Adult Community Mental Health, Support & Protection; Mental Health & Addiction Services; Residential, Homecare & Day Care Services; Criminal Justice Services / Community Justice Authority; Primary Care; Dr Gray's Hospital;  Clinical & Professional Services; IJB Finance & Performance; Asylum Seekers & Refugees; Corporate Transformation & Modernisation;

(* future structure for Children’s Services. Head of ICS reports to CE meantime)

Responsible for:

Chief Financial Officer / Head of Performance, Head of Services (x2), Head of Transformation, Head of ICS(SW), Hospital Manager, Clinical & Professional Leadership

Reports to:

Chief Executive