Education, Communities and Organisational Dev

Denise Whitworth, Depute Chief Exec (ECOD)
Denise Whitworth New

Denise Whitworth, Depute Chief Exec (ECOD)


Secondary Schools; Primary Schools; SEN Schools; Early Years Establishments; Curriculum Development & Attainment; Community Learning & Development; Lifelong Learning; Sports & Leisure; Libraries & Culture; Legal Services & Democratic Services; Customer Services; Internal Audit; Community Planning & Engagement; Local Outcome Improvement Plan (LOIP); Corporate Policy & Performance; Organisational Development; Human Resources & ICT; Business Systems & Processes; Corporate Communications; Additional Support Needs (ASN); Corporate Transformation & Modernisation (Project Co-ordination);

Responsible for:

Head of Education (Chief Education Officer), Head of Education (Resources & Communities), Head of HR, ICT & Organisational Development,  Head of Governance, Strategy & Performance (Monitoring Officer), Chief Officer(School Estate), Head of Transformation, Head of ICS (ASN)

Reports to:

Chief Executive

Vivienne Cross , Head of Education


Education leadership & professional standards; Management of Secondary Schools; Management of Primary Schools; Management of Early Years Establishments; Education Quality & Performance Improvement; GIRFEC Strategic Implementation; Attainment improvement; Curriculum Development; Teaching Staff CPD; Supported Study; Pupil, Parent and Schools Support; Technicians Service; Pupil Health & Wellbeing

Responsible for:

Quality Improvement Manager (East); Quality Improvement Manager (West); Secondary Schools; Primary Schools; Senior Project Manager (Early Years & Childcare Expansion); Early Years Service Manager; Education Officer (Pastoral Care)

Reports to:

Depute Chief Executive Education, Communities & Organisational Development



Rachel Wilson, Quality Improvement Manager (West)

Remit: Self-evaluation for self-improvement; Parental engagement and involvement; Education- Primary; Line management of QIOs; Strategic overview of leadership; Strategic overview of supporting all learners; School support and challenge; Senior Leader recruitment; Education Scotland Inspection; Link officer – Elgin Academy ASG


Stewart McLauchlan, Quality Improvement Manager (East)

Remit: • Raising Attainment including Scottish Attainment Challenge, Performance management and information including SQA, SNSA, ACEL and Insight, Education partnerships – including college, SDS, DYW, regional groups, Education – Secondary; Line Management of QIOs; Strategic overview of Curriculum; Strategic overview of Learning, Teaching and Assessment; School support and challenge; Senior Leader recruitment; Education Scotland Inspection; Link officer – Buckie ASG


Hazel Sly, Early Years' Service Manager 

Remit: Management of Local Authority Nurseries; Commissioning of Partner provider services (nurseries and childminders); Early Years Quality Assurance; Early Years Strategy and Policies; Working in Partnership (Children’s Services Plan); Early Years budget management; Line management for Early Years Officers & Nursery Managers


Audrey Buchanan, Quality Improvement Officer (Curriculum BGE)

Remit: Curriculum, Broad General Education; Transitions to Primary and Secondary; Curriculum pathways and progression; 1+2 including Gaelic Education; Profiling and Reporting; School support and challenge; Link officer Milne’s ASG


Lynne Riddoch, Quality Improvement Officer 

Remit: School support; quality improvement; attainment and achievement reviews; HMIE preparation and  follow through support; self-evaluation; standards and equality; support for subject groups; support, care and welfare of learners; complaints; HT/DHT appointments; strategic direction of the service.


Susanne Campbell, Quality Improvement Officer (Supporting All Learners) 

Remit: Mental Health and Wellbeing; Poverty/cost of the school day; Multi agency partnerships; Child’s planning; GIRFEC lead including named person link; Equality, Diversity and Children’s Rights; School support and challenge; Link Officer Elgin High ASG


Roisin Newell, Quality Improvement Officer (Learning, Teaching & Assessment) 

Remit: Pedagogy and practice including play; Planning for learning, teaching and assessment; Assessment and moderation support; Practitioner enquiry and research based practice; Climate change/eco schools; School support and challenge; Link officer Forres ASG


Craig Fowler, Principal Educational Psychologist

Remit: Management of Educational Psychology Service


Jackie Stevenson, Head Teacher SEBN

Remit: Social, Emotional & Behavioral Needs Service; Moray Autism Team (Support to Schools)/Moray Autism (Enhanced Provision); English as an Additional language Team; Sensory Services Team


Diane Douglas, Quality Improvement Officer, Additional Support Needs, QIO ASN

Remit: Support ASN delivery across all schools and Early Learning and Childcare

Andy Hall, Head of Education Resources & Communities


Schools: Estate Strategy; Forward Planning & Capacity (including rolls & placing); ICT & Digital Future; Business Support; Workforce Relations & Planning; Financial Planning & Strategy (including Devolved School Management); Transport Strategy; Educational Psychology Services; ASN; Music Instruction Service.

    Communities: Sports & Leisure; Library and Heritage Services; Community Learning & Development; Community Support & Engagement; Participatory              Budgeting, Records Management 

Responsible for:

Business Support Team Manager; Education Resources Manager; Principal Educational Psychologist; Head Teacher SEBN; Head of Music Instruction; Principal Librarian, Communities Services Manager and Senior Project Manager (Learning Estate)

Reports to:

Depute Chief Exec Education, Communities & Orginisational Development


Lindsey Stanley, Business Support Team Manager

Remit: Staffing Matters for all Primary and Secondary Schools including absence management, resignations and retirements, adverts and appointments, compulsory transfers, career breaks, supply teachers and  disciplinary investigations; Newly qualified teachers annual allocation;  school capacities, school roll projections, reserved spaces and placing requests; Joint Secretary of LNCT and job sizing co-ordinator; Services Liaison Officer for Education with RAF Lossiemouth and 39 Engineers Kinloss; Manager of the Business Support Team


Kim Slater, Sport & Culture Service Manager

Remit: Sport & Leisure, Active Schools & Community Sport, Music Instruction & Performance and Libraries, Learning Centres and Heritage


Kevin McDermott, Communities Service Manager 

Remit:Adult and Family Learning, Youth Work, Community Support Unit.


Andy Hall, Programme Manager (Learning Estate)

Remit:  Development and management of Learning Estate Strategy and delivery of improvement programme; Learning estates review; project management for new build and school refurbishments; schools capacity planning; learning estate public engagement and consultations; management of PPI and DBFM school contracts; education lead for asset management planning; and, school H&S, security and accessibility planning.

Alasdair McEachan, Head of Governance, Strategy & Performance
Alasdair McEachan New



Legal Services; Civic Services & Members Support; Licensing; Committee & Democratic Services; Internal Audit & Fraud; Risk Management & Business Continuity; Equalities; Information Management (Freedom of Information & Data Protection); Corporate Complaints; Records Management;

Strategy & Performance

Community Planning; Corporate Planning; Local Outcome Improvement Plan; Research & Development; Performance Management & Improvement;

Customer Services

Customer Contact Centre; Revenues & Benefits; Print Room (including Corporate Stationery);

Responsible for:

Customer Service Manager, Legal Services Manager (Prop. & Contracts), Internal Audit Manager, Democratic Services Manager, Strategy & Performance Manager

Reports to:

Depute Chief Executive. Education, Communities & Organisational Development


Andy Donegan, Customer Services Development Manager

Remit: Responsible for development and operation of the Contact Centre; Access Points; mail handling.


Aileen Scott, Legal Services Manager

Remit:• Property & Contracts; Legal advice to Council, Committees, Members & Officers; Comprehensive commercial & conveyancing service; Environmental Health & Contaminated Land advice; Education Law; Housing Law; Human Rights & Equalities Law; Data Protection & Freedom; Regulation of Investigatory Powers

Dafydd Lewis, Audit & Risk Manager

Remit: • Management, development & delivery of internal audit services; Meeting Corporate Governance Objectives; Risk Management & Internal Control; Performance Review Committee; Co-ordinating participation in the National Fraud Initiative; Business Continuity

Tracey Sutherland, Democratic Services Manager

Remit: Brief, advise and support Chair and Committee members; organisation and management of matters relating to management of council business; enable the committee to function effectively in accordance with the rules laid down in standing orders; to manage and oversee the Moray Registration Service; to undertake the administration of and act as Depute Returning Officer at all parliamentary, referendum,  local government, European, community council and school board elections.

Norma Matheson, Benefits & Money Advice Manager 

Remit: Benefits & Money Advice; Council Tax Reduction; Discretionary Housing Payments; Educational Maintenance Allowance; Flexible Food Fund; Free School Meals; Housing Benefit; Income Maximisation; Money Advice; School Clothing Grants; Scottish Welfare Fund; Welfare Benefits Appeals