Education, Communities and Organisational Dev

Denise Whitworth, Depute Chief Exec (ECOD)
Denise Whitworth New

Denise Whitworth, Depute Chief Exec (ECOD)


Secondary Schools; Primary Schools; SEN Schools; Early Years Establishments; Curriculum Development & Attainment; Community Learning & Development; Lifelong Learning; Sports & Leisure; Libraries & Culture; Legal Services & Democratic Services; Customer Services; Internal Audit; Community Planning & Engagement; Local Outcome Improvement Plan (LOIP); Corporate Policy & Performance; Organisational Development; Human Resources & ICT; Business Systems & Processes; Corporate Communications; Additional Support Needs (ASN); Corporate Transformation & Modernisation (Project Co-ordination);

Responsible for:

Head of Education (Chief Education Officer), Head of Education (Resources & Communities), Head of HR, ICT & Organisational Development,  Head of Governance, Strategy & Performance (Monitoring Officer), Chief Officer(School Estate), Head of Transformation, Head of ICS (ASN)

Reports to:

Chief Executive

Vivienne Cross , Head of Education


Education leadership & professional standards; Management of Secondary Schools; Management of Primary Schools; Management of Early Years Establishments; Education Quality & Performance Improvement; GIRFEC Strategic Implementation; Attainment improvement; Curriculum Development; Teaching Staff CPD; Supported Study; Pupil, Parent and Schools Support; Technicians Service; Pupil Health & Wellbeing

Responsible for:

Quality Improvement Manager (East); Quality Improvement Manager (West); Secondary Schools; Primary Schools; Senior Project Manager (Early Years & Childcare Expansion); Early Years Service Manager; Education Officer (Pastoral Care)

Reports to:

Depute Chief Executive Education, Communities & Organisational Development



Rachel Wilson, Quality Improvement Manager (West)

Remit: Self-evaluation for self-improvement; Parental engagement and involvement; Education- Primary; Line management of QIOs; Strategic overview of leadership; Strategic overview of supporting all learners; School support and challenge; Senior Leader recruitment; Education Scotland Inspection; Link officer – Elgin Academy ASG


Stewart McLaughlan, Quality Improvement Manager (East)

Remit: • Raising Attainment including Scottish Attainment Challenge, Performance management and information including SQA, SNSA, ACEL and Insight, Education partnerships – including college, SDS, DYW, regional groups, Education – Secondary; Line Management of QIOs; Strategic overview of Curriculum; Strategic overview of Learning, Teaching and Assessment; School support and challenge; Senior Leader recruitment; Education Scotland Inspection; Link officer – Buckie ASG


Hazel Sly, Early Years' Service Manager 

Remit: Management of Local Authority Nurseries; Commissioning of Partner provider services (nurseries and childminders); Early Years Quality Assurance; Early Years Strategy and Policies; Working in Partnership (Children’s Services Plan); Early Years budget management; Line management for Early Years Officers & Nursery Managers


Audrey Buchanan, Quality Improvement Officer (Curriculum BGE)

Remit: Curriculum, Broad General Education; Transitions to Primary and Secondary; Curriculum pathways and progression; 1+2 including Gaelic Education; Profiling and Reporting; School support and challenge; Link officer Milne’s ASG


Lynne Riddoch, Quality Improvement Officer 

Remit: School support; quality improvement; attainment and achievement reviews; HMIE preparation and  follow through support; self-evaluation; standards and equality; support for subject groups; support, care and welfare of learners; complaints; HT/DHT appointments; strategic direction of the service.


Susanne Campbell, Quality Improvement Officer (Supporting All Learners) 

Remit: Mental Health and Wellbeing; Poverty/cost of the school day; Multi agency partnerships; Child’s planning; GIRFEC lead including named person link; Equality, Diversity and Children’s Rights; School support and challenge; Link Officer Elgin High ASG


Roisin Newell, Quality Improvement Officer (Learning, Teaching & Assessment) 

Remit: Pedagogy and practice including play; Planning for learning, teaching and assessment; Assessment and moderation support; Practitioner enquiry and research based practice; Climate change/eco schools; School support and challenge; Link officer Forres ASG

Jo Shirriffs , Head of Education Resources & Communities


Schools: Estate Strategy; Forward Planning & Capacity (including rolls & placing); ICT & Digital Future; Business Support; Workforce Relations & Planning; Financial Planning & Strategy (including Devolved School Management); Transport Strategy; Educational Psychology Services; ASN; Music Instruction Service.

    Communities: Sports & Leisure; Library and Heritage Services; Community Learning & Development; Community Support & Engagement; Participatory              Budgeting, Records Management 

Responsible for:

Business Support Team Manager; Education Resources Manager; Principal Educational Psychologist; Head Teacher SEBN; Head of Music Instruction; Principal Librarian, Communities Services Manager and Senior Project Manager (Learning Estate)

Reports to:

Depute Chief Exec Education, Communities & Orginisational Development


Lindsey Stanley, Business Support Team Manager

Remit: Staffing Matters for all Primary and Secondary Schools including absence management, resignations and retirements, adverts and appointments, compulsory transfers, career breaks, supply teachers and  disciplinary investigations; Newly qualified teachers annual allocation;  school capacities, school roll projections, reserved spaces and placing requests; Joint Secretary of LNCT and job sizing co-ordinator; Services Liaison Officer for Education with RAF Lossiemouth and 39 Engineers Kinloss; Manager of the Business Support Team


Kim Slater, Sport & Culture Service Manager

Remit: Sport & Leisure, Active Schools & Community Sport, Music Instruction & Performance and Libraries, Learning Centres and Heritage


Craig Fowler, Principal Educational Psychologist

Remit: Management of Educational Psychology Service


Kevin McDermott, Communities Service Manager 

Remit:Adult and Family Learning, Youth Work, Community Support Unit.


Andy Hall, Programme Manager (Learning Estate)

Remit:  Development and management of Learning Estate Strategy and delivery of improvement programme; Learning estates review; project management for new build and school refurbishments; schools capacity planning; learning estate public engagement and consultations; management of PPI and DBFM school contracts; education lead for asset management planning; and, school H&S, security and accessibility planning.


Jackie Stevenson, Head Teacher SEBN 

Remit: Social, Emotional & Behavioral Needs Service; Moray Autism Team (Support to Schools)/Moray Autism (Enhanced Provision); English as an Additional language Team; Sensory Services Team


Diane Douglas, Quality Improvement Officer, Additional Support Needs, QIO ASN

Remit: Support ASN delivery across all schools and Early Learning and Childcare 

Alasdair McEachan, Head of Governance, Strategy & Performance
Alasdair McEachan New



Legal Services; Civic Services & Members Support; Licensing; Committee & Democratic Services; Internal Audit & Fraud; Risk Management & Business Continuity; Equalities; Information Management (Freedom of Information & Data Protection); Corporate Complaints; Records Management;

Strategy & Performance

Community Planning; Corporate Planning; Local Outcome Improvement Plan; Research & Development; Performance Management & Improvement;

Customer Services

Customer Contact Centre; Revenues & Benefits; Print Room (including Corporate Stationery);

Responsible for:

Customer Service Manager, Legal Services Manager (Prop. & Contracts), Internal Audit Manager, Democratic Services Manager, Strategy & Performance Manager

Reports to:

Depute Chief Executive. Education, Communities & Organisational Development


Vacant, Customer Services Manager

Remit: Responsible for development and operation of the Contact Centre; Access Points; mail handling.


Aileen Scott, Legal Services Manager

Remit: Property and contracts - provision of legal advice to the Council;  its committees, members and officers; officers; Provision of a comprehensive commercial and conveyancing service to the Council; contracts; trusts & bequest funds; rights of way; tree preservation orders; road bonds; road traffic orders and community care; general legal involvement in corporate priorities for the Council.

Litigation - advice and support legal service to all departments that includes: child protection and permanence; mental health; adults with incapacity; adult support and protection; education law; housing law; employment law; human rights and equalities law; data protection and freedom of information; regulation of investigatory powers. 

Licensing - Manages, develops and oversees the delivery of the licensing service; liquour and gambling; taxi and private hire cars and drivers; window cleaners; second hand dealers; metal dealers; public entertainment; miscellaneous licensing relating to animals, performances and houses in multiple occupation; oversight of Moray Licensing Board administration. 


Atholl Scott, Internal Audit Manager

Remit: Management, development and delivery of all internal audit services; risk management and internal control; performance review committee; coordinating participation in the National Fraud Initiative.


Moira Patrick, Democratic Services Manager

Remit: Brief, advise and support Chair and Committee members; organisation and management of matters relating to management of council business; enable the committee to function effectively in accordance with the rules laid down in standing orders; to manage and oversee the Moray Registration Service; to undertake the administration of and act as Depute Returning Officer at all parliamentary, referendum,  local government, European, community council and school board elections.

Frances Garrow, Head of HR & ICT / Organisational Dev
Frances Garrow New


Responsible for the overall management, development and delivery of HR. This includes:

  • Advisory and executive support: the provision of quality advice to the council, its committees and departments
  • Representation responsibilities: representing our interests, as appropriate, to the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities and other external bodies.

Responsible for taking the lead in planning, managing and overseeing the delivery of the Organisational Development service. This includes:

  • Corporate training
  • Social work and social care training
  • Workforce planning and development
  • Workforce policies and strategies
  • Employee engagement and workforce culture

Responsible for:

  • Senior Organisational Development Adviser
  • Senior HR Adviser
  • Employee Development Team

Reports to:

Corporate Director (Corporate Services)


Anne Smith / Katrina McGillivray, (Joint Acting) Organisational Development Manager

Remit: strategic workforce planning; leadership development; organisation development advice; professional training and certification; support for the ongoing development of the Council's workforce; to lead the culture and engagement work; comprehensive communications service


Graham Cooper, ICT Infrastructure Manager

Remit: Management, development and support of the ICT infrastructure for all Council services; responsibility for the ICT Servicedesk, desktop, network and server teams.

David McKay, ICT Information Systems Manager

Remit: Management of the corporate information and communications applications team to develop, support and advise on use of application systems within the council ensuring the business applications and website meet our operational needs and those of service users.


Grant Cruickshank, Human Resources Manager

Remit: Comprehensive personnel support and advisory service; development and implementation of local conditions of service, policies and good practice; contribution to forward planning processes specifically in relation to staffing implications; to contribute and to lead consultations with staff and Trade Unions on employment related matters and relevant organisational change situations.